Beware Of Touts And Job Racketeers Trying To Deceive By False Promises Of Securing Job In DSRVS Either Through Influence Or By Use Of Unfair Means. Candidates Attempting Unfair Means Shall Be Disqualified And Legal Action Shall Be Initiated Against Them.

Recently, It has been seen that fake accounts have been created in the name of the institute on different platforms of social media, which have no relation with the institute of this type all accounts. You are requested to avoid all these fake account information and do not get confused. If someone promises, calls or messages you as an officer on behalf of DSRVS, notify us immediately. Such calls or messages are not made from DSRVS side.

All type of information will be available only official website.

If you have entered login page accidentally, please leave immediately. Any unauthorized attempt is punishable under Section 66 of Information Technology Act 2000 of India. Penalty, which may invite imprisonment up to 3 years or fine up to Rs. 2,00,000 or both, will be applicable.

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